transitions-and-moldingsDoing hardwood floor installation also needs floor transition and
moldings. You must select and prepare the right choice of molding for
threshold, stairs and any other part that needs a specific transition
and molding.

Here are eleven types of trims and moldings which are available.

Square nose or end cap

This is usually used in a floating floor installation technique. This
is made to hide the expansion gap made for the floors. This is used
for sliding doors and transition with carpets and for a fireplace

Generally, it has a 1 9/16 inches of width, 7/8 inches of height, and
has a78 inches length

Reducer or Flush that are glued down

This kind of reducer is mostly used as a switch amongst flooring of
change statures. The flush is paramount for glue or fastened down
installation wood surface to both a rug or vinyl floor. Can sometimes
be used amidst the timber flooring and tile where nearby is a
alteration measure.

It has 2 inch wide. The height varies depending on the thickness of
the flooring and has a 78 inches long.

Reducer – overlap

Commonly used for floating floor installation between floorings of
different height. This is to allow the moving flooring for expansion.
Also used for transition carpets, from hardwood to a low pile vinyl or
ceramic tile floor.

The width is 2 ¼ inches, height varies with the floor’s thickness and
has 78 inches I length.

Baby threshold or Threshold molding

A smaller version of the end cap or square nose molding for sliding
door areas mostly for nail or glue-down floors and also can be used
for floorboards of diverse altitudes or kinds like timber parquet to
ceramic tile, hardwood to marble or hardwood to carpet surfaces.
It has a width of 2 1/8 inches, ¾ inch in height and has 78 inches in

Bull nose or Stair nose in a Flush

It is intended with a bull- edged of the stairs. Stairs are the most
foot battered areas in a house, so it is designed to take all the
traffic. This kind of transition molding provides a proficient look
for steps and stairways. This is normally used when the floor is glued
or nailed to the subfloor

Has a 3 1/8 inch width, height varies depending on floor’s thickness
and has 78 inches in length.